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Spy Bluetooth Magnet Micro Earpiece

Code : SSE-007

Warranty 1 Year

We at Sharp Eye System & Solution believe in providing the best spying and protection solutions to our customers. We are known to deliver the best quality of security devices, enriching the industry with the best products.

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We at Sharp Eye deal with the devising products for securing houses, offices, factories, shops and all such needed locations. Our latest edition of spy magnet micro earpiece is one of the trusted products in the city. Our product is perfect to catch hold of any intruder or any culprit and in turn, promote a healthy and secure environment. If you are looking for magnet micro earpiece in Guwahati, visit us 24x7.

With our right quality instruments, you can easily ensure your own safety. Our products are available at very affordable prices incorporating the elements of simplicity and security into everyday schedules.

Magnet Micro Earpiece in Guwahati is Best for Spying Expeditions

If you have been looking for the best spy magnet micro earpiece in Guwahati then the expert professional service of Sharp Eye will make sure that you get the necessary equipment that too at a reasonable price. Our expert product of Spy magnetic Bluetooth earpiece is packed with a small Bluetooth earpiece particularly invisible to anyone else due to its minute size.

The Bluetooth earpiece is attached with a microphone so as to pick all the sounds and transmit them in a crystal clear manner. It is manufactured in such a small size that you can easily hide it between your fingers and no one will ever sense its presence. The amazing spy magnet micro earpiece doesn’t have the hand-free connected to the neckloop and you can easily adjust the jack according to your various needs.

Key Features of Our Spy Bluetooth Magnet Micro Earpiece

Our spy magnet micro earpiece in Guwahati is very famous owing to its impressive range of features. The spy magnet micro earpiece has an inbuilt microphone so that it can easily pick the voice of the speaker without any interrupting noises aiding in picking up crystal clear sounds.

Also, you can easily operate our spy Bluetooth earpiece for a continuous session of 7 hours. It is also added with a standup battery of 12 hours. The latest edition of spy magnetic Bluetooth earpiece doesn’t need two neck loops for phone and audio and can serve the same function with one loop.

It can easily pick up a conversation at a distance of 10-15 meters due to the inclusion of latest technology equipment into it. You can also expand the magnetic strength of the equipment with its traceable magnetic strength.

You can easily use our spy magnet micro earpiece in Guwahati for listening to music, audio or for attending calls. However, its primary use is entailed in directing investigative communications for sting operations.

Our latest technology of spy magnet micro earpiece in Guwahati is very easy to use and can easily support you in all your security and spying expeditions.

We at Sharp Eye System & Solution provide you with the best spy magnet micro earpiece in Guwahati at cost effective prices. For all the users, agencies into the security services, we have the widest range of the hi-tech security devices along with numerous Bluetooth-enabled spy devices in India.