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Bluetooth Earpiece Banyan in Delhi

Code : SSE-004

Warranty 1 Year

Today is the age of technology where methods of working are changing at rapid speed. With the changing time, the field of spy earpiece has expanded a lot. Large number of spy Bluetooth earpieces are available now with Nano sizes in stores in Delhi. We offer the most advanced Bluetooth earpiece devices at wholesale prices. This earpiece device is very soft and compatible to use for the longer period without damaging the ears.

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What Is Bluetooth Earpiece Banyan in Delhi?

Bluetooth Banyan, Wireless and Hidden communication system is a very strange and unique device as this device helps at the time whenever a help is required from the one who is not near us. The place where cell phone communication is not allowed like examination hall, court, at the time of driving, Conference Hall and the place where cell phone communication is restricted this bluetooth Banyan earpiece in Delhi proves to be very handful.

Specifications Of Bluetooth Earpiece Banyan

This set of Spy Bluetooth earpiece Banyan Device comprises a set of earpieces, jammer resistant banyan. The Bluetooth Earpiece is a micro headphone inserted in the ear canal which is not visible to anyone. Also, the Bluetooth earpiece or walkie talkie is portable; two-way radio transceiver which allows the easy exchange of messages or audio between the two persons. Jammer free technology works on radio frequency. This is new innovative Technology works on all jamming area. It is 2-way communication device for exam purpose. Distance between Banyan and walkie talkie is up to 3000 meters. This Bluetooth GSM Banyan looks like an ordinary banyan but performs incredible functions. This device is available online or offline at shops.

Firstly, this device is made for secret agents but now students are crazy about this device because it is very helpful in exams. It makes you able to take help from outside of exam hall. There are many suppliers of spy Bluetooth Banyan earpiece in Delhi who sell different types of spy Bluetooth earpiece at an affordable price.

How It Woks?

Spy Bluetooth banyan earpiece is a hidden communication device which has a built in Bluetooth receiver and a high gain microphone. It requires 3 main devices for having covert communication with our partner.

Step 1
The hidden Bluetooth chip in spy Bluetooth Banyan is enabled (powered on) and paired with the cell phone via Bluetooth search (Note: Once the spy Bluetooth banyan is paired with the cell phone it is not visible in other cell phones when searched).
Step 2
The spy Earpiece is powered by inserting a tiny battery SR416SW which is wrist watch battery.
Step 3
The Spy Bluetooth Banyan is a normal inner wear sand Banyan which has a hidden Bluetooth chip and a microphone in it, and it needs to be worn on the body and earpiece goes deep into ear canal.
• It is completely invisible when we wear in ear canal
• The battery backup of spy device is 6hours talk time

Uses Of Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Banyan in Delhi

If you are a student of New Delhi, you pass your exams without prior preparation. You don’t need to fill up your head with heaps of facts and dates. Spy Bluetooth earpiece Banyan partner will give them to you over the phone. It can also be a Bluetooth earpiece Banyan in Delhi.

  • • Convenient for secret two-way communication
  • • Conduct meetings or conferences
  • • Crack the interview
  • • Best to use for speeches and presentations
  • • Disclose culprit
  • • Sting operations
  • • Security and surveillance

Products in the Package:

Spy Bluetooth Banyan Device
User Manual
Spy Earpiece
1 Charging Adapter
2 Battery Sony 416