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Spy Underwear Bluetooth Earpiece

Code : SSE-009

Warranty 1 Year

Sharp Eye System & Solution is the best shop for magnetic undergarments earpiece in Delhi. We deal in variety of undergarments Bluetooth earpiece devices for covert operations as well as private use. We offer the best price of magnetic undergarments earpiece in Delhi. We have vast range of affordable price undergarments earpiece like Bluetooth banyan vest, Bluetooth underwear and Bluetooth bra device available at our magnetic undergarments earpiece shop online in Delhi.

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Undergarments Bluetooth earpiece devices are getting more and more popular by each passing day. These are one of the best hidden Bluetooth earpiece devices available in the market today for all types of secret conversations. Sharp Eye System & Solution store offers the some of the best body worn Bluetooth magnetic undergarments earpiece in Delhi designed exclusively for secret missions. We have made these devices public for the people use. Get all the information for help in exams, interviews or conferences from the person on the other end using the spy undergarments earpiece in Delhi. Fitted deep in your earpiece the Bluetooth earpiece connected with the spy magnetic undergarments earpiece in Delhi provides you very clear voice of every received voice messages.

Bluetooth magnetic undergarments earpiece in Delhi is a very powerful Bluetooth device which makes long range transmission of voice messages very easy. User can send and receive crystal clear voice messages with these magnetic Bluetooth earpiece devices. All the messages are instantly sent and received with this device. Inbuilt microphone with this device is highly sensitive and even picks up very little noises of whispering. These devices can be paired with all types of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones as well as other secret Bluetooth devices. These magnetic undergarments Bluetooth earpiece devices can be used for recording the audio confessions of the culprit without his knowledge.

Key Features

1. Fully charge the batteries
2. Wear the undergarments attached with the wireless transmitter
3. Connect the transmitter with the Bluetooth earpiece
4. For the two way communications connect the device with the other wireless device
5. Install the micro Bluetooth earpiece as deep as you can in the ears
6. Now go anywhere communicating with your associate without getting caught

Package Includes:

1 x underwear bluetooth Earpiece Set
1 x USB charger cable
1 x Operating Manual